Regular Clients Keep Coming Back

It's not really a surprise for us, but clients keep coming back with the same response..."Wow, what a difference in the way you guys sharpen skates."

We expect this kind of response because we know our method of sharpening skates takes the human error out of the process. Instead of multiple adjustments and setups, our Elite Sharpening machine precisely aligns the skate blade to the center-line of the grind wheels resulting in a near perfect cut.

If you think it doesn't matter then imagine you buy a brand new Porche 911 sports car and install narrow, low quality tires on it. Pour traction and grip diminishes the overall ability of the car to perform well. The same applies to a poor sharpening. You invest in high quality skates, hockey equipment, training and ice time only to spoil your efforts with an imprecise sharpening.

Each time you hit the ice, your skates should be perfect. We aim to accomplish this each and every time.

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