Why profile your skate blades?

Many clients ask if they should profile their skate blades. The simple answer is yes...if you want to improve your skating. Here's why.

A standard skate blade has a profile radius of about 9 or 10 feet. This is fine for the average dad who plans to take his kids to the arena for a skate. But if you want to play some real hockey you need to take advantage of a profile or contour which flattens the blade to a 12 to 13 foot radius. This gives you more blade contact with the ice. Like a speed skater who has a long flat skate blade, the flatter radius acts in a similar way. The flatter the blade the better transfer of energy to the ice and the better the glide as more blade means more surface to distribute your weight. The result is more speed! The only drawback is that you loose some maneuverability as a rounder radius means easier turning.

We have the ultimate solution! We have combination profiles which are flatter at the back half of the blade ( 13 to 17 foot radius) and rounder at the front half ( 7 or 8 foot radius ). The end result? You have the flatter part of the blade touching when you are cruising down the ice but the rounder part of the blade touching when you turn. We use the back half when power skating and the front half when turning or taking off.

If you want to improve your skating, try our profiles. The difference is amazing.

Another positive is this. If we profile your skates, there is never a need to re-profile them as long as you allow us to sharpen your skates. Our sharpening method will not alter the profile. Manual methods require a re-profile after 6 to 10 sharpenings as sharpening by hand alters the profile over time. We also profile both blades at the same time making them identical. This is especially important if you have quick change blades because installing the blade on the right or left skate is inconsequential.

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